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IMG_3161Dr. Kwabena Kyei Asubonteng is a Ghanaian Traditional Medical Practitioner, expert in the treatment of chronic degenerative diseases and Executive Director- S.S.H.C & Research Centre.

Medicinal herbs, ignored and even dismissed by others have been waiting quietly and patiently for several thousand years for humanity to turn their attention to them in order to study and to use them.

All human beings need some help for their ailment, this help presently comes from nature, from simple HERBS. Herbs hide the best medicines that nature may offer for mankind . God provides us with many good herbs, able to cure diseases and alleviate aches and pains.

At present, there are more research centres, hospitals and scientific physicians than ever. However, all major scientific developments which serve humanity do not seem to meet our health needs. Why is it that with all the advancement in science we still cannot prevent pain and diseases? Maybe the reason lies in the fact that science is putting most of its efforts into healing rather than preventing. Neither the best medical technology nor the best physicians can balance the consequences of unhealthy habits. Plants have been used as remedy for diseases for many ages. All civilizations took advantage of herbs in order to ease suffering and many times, cure diseases as well.

Despite all the progress, manufacturer medicines still have more to learn from herbal medicines. This is in no way a step back.
”Progress should never be sectarian”

In 1991, the 44th World Health Assembly approved its 44.34 resolution, which encourages all member countries of W.H.O to promote the use of ”traditional, harmless, efficient and scientifically proved remedies”. More so, it is worth mentioning that if a doctor with such scientific scholarship as Dr Pamplona-Roger turns his career upside down, then there are clear indications that something important is happening in the art of healing.

Dr. K. K. Asubonteng has been wholly dedicated for years to research the promotion of healthy lifestyle on a more pragmatic and scientific use of natural remedies. To conclude, mention should be made of the fact that natural remedies deserve continuous attention for both the sick and healthy alike. We should all note that health is important, hence the need to be mindful and to embrace the new era of preventive treatment, through traditional, harmless, efficient and scientifically approved remedies.


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