Horse Chest Nut Products

Horse Chest Nut Products


Aesculin,a coumarinic glycoside which exerts a powerful action on the venous system and on blood circulation in general.

Triterpenic Saponins(scine)with anti-edema action.

Catechic tannins,with astringent and anti-inflammatory action.


Prostate affliction,hemorrhoids(piles),varicose veins and ulceration,urinary infection,sterility,sexual incapabilities,waist pain.


Spermatogenesis(increases the production of spermatozoids).Stimulates sexual glands(both male and female)and increases sexual capability,improving both frequency and quality of male erection.Reduces the size of inflamed prostate,and eases the expulsion of urine.Venotonic and capillary protection.Promotes female genital organ excitation.Not a true aphrodisiac substance,since its action does not consist in arousing sexual desire,but improving function and capabilities of genitalia.


Put the whole content into cooking pot.Pour 2 litres of water unto it.Add 2 ginger or garlic cloves. Allow to boil for 15 minutes.Drink 3 to 4 cups a day.

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